Mothers Day Gift

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lily is my youngest child out of 5. So, I know how proud and special it is for the kids to make me a Mothers Day gift at school. They never were able to wait til Sunday to give it to me. They were always so excited that as soon as they got home from school on Friday they would hand me the gift they made with love. I have saved everything my kids have ever made me from cards to plaques.

Lily is no different from the other kids. Every year the teachers take time to make something special for the kids to give there mothers. The difference is Lily is so excited to show me what she has made, but never lets me have it! She doesn't realize it is a gift for me. It is quite funny how a beautiful picture of her and a poem about mothers she thinks it is for her! We try to tell her that she made it just for mommy and of course i make a big deal and thank her over and over. and she says over and over "Not for you mommy"! It is quite funny! It is quite sad!

This mothers day gift is a picture frame that she had made. It is quite beautiful, but of course i am partial to her crafts. She was so excited to show me. And she was so excited to make sure i did not touch it! And she was so excited to put it on her nightstand! In time i know she will forget about it and i will be able to move it to my room. Where i can look at it and think of how proud she must of been cutting, coloring and gluing.

I wonder at what age she will realize that what she creates for mothers day actually belongs to me!


Shanna said...

Ah I love It!
The pride she shows in her work is so sweet.
Maybe one day she will share..heehee
(this is Shanna, by the way)

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