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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I don't know what went wrong! Lily has consistently been using the potty with success for a couple of months. Sure there is an accident every now and than, but, usually the accidents our only liquid! Lily has even went on her own and not waited for us to take her. Which has always been impressive to me when i see her on the pot from her own doing! And of course I go overboard with the praise when i see her doing this! So overboard in praise that sometimes i get teary eyed! It's funny cuz I don't think I was ever so excited with the other kids about them initiating going to the potty on there own. It was always just expected of them to do. They get an urge they go to the bathroom. But with Lily she is usually on a schedule of potty times.

For some reason, Lily decided to ignore all her body signs and chose to do a bm in her pants instead of going to the bathroom. She did get up from her seat, wear she was watching her nightly rugrats, and walked into the dining room were she couldn't be seen and messed in her panties. It would of been closer for her to walk to the toilet! I was so extremely disappointed. And i made sure she knew i was. I told her she was a big girl and wore panties, not a baby who wears a diaper, and soils in there diaper. Her father also was mad at her. We were not even sure how to clean her up! we layed a towel on the floor and looked at each other, not knowing what to do next! Lily was now embarrassed and feeling bad. She was covering her face and telling us "me baby"! We decided the best way to clean this up would be to cut her panties off of her and toss it in the trash. When she seen us use the scissors on her panties she really started to cry. All was good she got cleaned up, took a bath and went to bed.

This is were it concerns me. This morning she woke and wanted to wear her diaper to school under her panties. I told her no! She was only allowed to wear panties. but like i have said in my previous blog............there is no reasoning with Lily. she only understands what she wants and feels. So Lily kept her diaper on under her panties. I tried telling her she was a big girl and she said "I know mommy". and would point to her panties. I said but you are wearing your diaper, which makes you a baby and she would grab her panties and say "no mom" and give me this attitude that i was crazy silly for saying that to her. I think she was thinking her diaper was invisible! I could only laugh at her silliness! Did her accident traumatize her so much that she doesn't trust herself to go to the bathroom on time? Am i going to have to hide her night diapers so she cant wear them to school? So my advice to all the mommies out there never ever cut panties off your child! I think that might be too visually scary to kids!


Alex's Mom said...

do you think something might have happened at school to cause this regression?

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