She wants to be just like her sisters!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lily watches her sisters more than i thought she did! She loves to copy them and try to act like them. Her sisters our 13, 16 and 28. Majority of the things she mocks our things that I would think help her to grow. An than there our the things she reenacts that are not really age appropriate. For example: This morning I woke up to a trail of blood and Lily in her room with blood all over her legs. I was trying not to freak out in a way that she would see me. But, internally i was hysterical! I was staring at her legs wondering why she wasn't crying, and why she had such a guilty look. I asked her were her booboo was and that is when her bottom lip started to quiver which i knew was the pre meltdown! Once she started crying and i looked for the booboo she showed me the back of her legs which were skinned and gouged. I still can't figure out if her crying was from the pain or the fact that she was doing something she knew she wasn't suppose to be doing.

She than pointed to the bathroom and there on the bathroom floor was her sisters venus shaver. I was so mad! I had told the girls over and over to always keep there razors up high, for just this reason! I cleaned Lily up and was not quite sure how to bandage it. Since most the skin was scrapped so deep and than some gouges here and there. She was demanding with just one word her "Dora" bandages! Her Dora bandages she likes to use them on everything even make believe booboos, But, before i bandaged her, I needed to have her sisters see what happens when we our careless with dangerous things. I woke them up, which was an hour before normal wake-up, and brought them into the bedroom where lily was laying. Lily's legs were very bloody again without the pressure being applied. They took a look at Lily and started to cry. I know they felt bad, now. Mission accomplished! I bandaged her up the best i could and realized the band aids were already soaked thru. So i applied more pressure and pot some ointment on. She seemed to forget all about it. Until, I had to take her back in the bathroom to finish getting ready for school and she seen the razor and started crying again. saying, "No! No! No!" She was very upset. and than after i hid the razor she seemed to forget all about it, again. It always amazes me how much pain they can tolerate. And how long the pain does take to register in there brains.

I waited all day for a call from the school asking me what happened to Lily and to come pick her up. But that call never came! When she did come home i asked her to lay down so i could clean her legs again and to show daddy. Her lip started quivering again and I could actualy see her reliving it all in her head again. She would not let me see her legs. She even ran from me! I decide to wait and just let her decide when it is time to clean and bandage again. All it took was Daddy sweet talking her and she was on her belly being still so i could clean her wounds again.

I don't think this will happen again! I don't think Lily will ever touch a razor again even if her sisters make a mistake and leave one out. Which they BETTER NOT!


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