Signs of health or new habits

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lily was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 5. She has taken synthroid everyday and tested 2x a year to make sure her TSH level is right and the dosage is correct. So far, for the past 4 years her dosage has been correct. We always thought the only way we would know if her dosage was off would be thru blood work. But Lily was giving us signs for quite awhile that her dosage was off. And all those signs i just played it off as a weird new habit of hers! I really learned a lesson in listening to Lily's actions to know how her health is.

Here is some of her behavior that i should of taken it as a sign of her thyroid:

Lily started wanting to wear two shirts too school. around the house she liked to wear a sweater, robe, or jammies. i just thought she liked the security of 2 shirts and maybe the classroom was cold. I also thought that maybe she was coping someone who might be doing that too!

Lily was craving carbohydrates! She is a creature of habit! she likes something she will want it all the time!

Lily gained some weight! about 4lbs! All the carbo eating caused the weight gain!

Lily had less energy than usual. She just likes tv!

Lily's skin became so dry and rough on her extremities. Her arms felt like sandpaper. I need to lotion her more!

All these signs are so charastic of the thyroid, but i had excused them all as she gets into her little habits. I will be so much more cauntious in the future! I always thought my biggest problem would be to remember to give her a daily pill!


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