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Monday, October 4, 2010

So my last blog I said that i would humor the school transportation people and put a diaper on Lily. But today I had forgotten to put one on her in the am. Maybe it was on purpose i forgot! Because i am so mad about the situation! And I really think Lily is peeing out of frustration for her being tied into the chair for so long with a miserable bus aide not talking to her. How do I know this you ask............because the aide doesn't speak english! Not to mention the loud spanish radio program that is on for the hour and half bus ride. so maybe it wasn't on an accident I forgot! And for my thinking she didn't need the diaper she had an accident! not only on the way to school but on the way home! Needless to say the aide was extremely mad! though she always looks mad when she pulls up to our house.

This situation made them so mad that when they got back to the transportation center they complained about Lily and her urinating on the bus. I told the lady I was sorry that I think it is because they don't like her and she is not happy on the bus. and that is why she wets her pants. The lady said well they are sitting right here in her office and they say Lily will look at her, the aide, and laugh and then pee. The conversation was dead after that,. I was told that for Lily to continue with school transportation she would need to wear a diaper!

So again, I am sooooo frustrated about transportation. I am so frustrated with potty training!


Gabby's mommy said...

can you bribe her? maybe she can have a "goodie" when she arrives at school dry

Savina Pernisco said...

its too late to bribe her. they said she couldn't ride the bus without the diaper on. I am not sure how long they will enforce this. we have actually "bribed" her with a goodie bag that she can hold on the bus but sometimes she doesn't like what is in it or she cant find what she wants to put in there. she always knows what she wants. and nothing else will do but what she has set in her mind. even if i try having her put together the bag at night she will change the book she wants and wont be able to find it.

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