Outgrown in Body........But not Spirit

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I walked into Lily's room and caught her primping herself at her play vanity. As you can see in picture she is very big girl compared to her vanity set. Looking at her sitting on the stool, it looks like it must hurt her to sit on. And she looks extremely odd! But there she sat for 30 minutes lost in her fantasy. She was talking away to the mirror and combing her hair. I couldn't really make out her words, for they are mostly not understandable but her tones were understandable. She was being her bossy little self to the person in her play world.

Seeing her on the small stool made me think again how she is so child like. She loves to make believe. Yet her body is getting so much bigger. She is 10 1/2 now. But still enjoys her toddler toys and even toddler TV shows. And nothing is wrong with that. Until, I see her body sitting at her small little vanity and realize how different her body is to her mind!

I wonder at what point do I get rid of her small toys. She still so enjoys her play kitchen and little mermaid vanity. But she towers over both. If they were out of site would she seek out more grown up play. Am I encouraging her to play like a toddler instead of introducing other ways to have her entertained. I am pretty sure that she has exceeded both age and weight limit for her toys.

When she was about 6, she started looking way to large for her stroller. She still didnt have the agility to walk around by herself, but she was getting way to big for her stroller. She looked odd sitting in the stroller and it had become a safety hazard since she had exceeded the weight limit long before and the wheels were starting to bow out. That is when we moved her to a wheelchair. But not without much emotional distress on my part letting go of a piece of equipment that felt like she still needed to be in mentally.

I have always seen her at the age she acts mentally and not the age of her body. So, when i am reminded of her body size compared to her mind, I am always reminded of what the future will be like for us.