2nd Day of School

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I had been so excited for the new school year, since Lily was transfered to a school close to home. Her total bus time is 2o minutes. Which is awesome since she has had to endure a 1 hour and 45 minute bus ride for the past 4 years. But so far her busing has been stressful from the get go.

Usually a week before school starts you will get a visit from the bus driver letting you know that he/she will be your childs bus driver and give you the paper work as to the times of pick up and drop off. We did get that visit on thursday. Since there we were having a huge thunderstorm at the time the bus driver did not get out of the bus and instead called me on the phone to come out and meet him. I couldn't come out, since I was at work! So, I called home and asked Lily's dad to go out and meet the driver. He did go out with an umbrella and was given a contract that Lily would be picked up at 6:09am! School starts at 8:45! And her school is maybe a 10 minute car ride! Since there was a bad thunderstorm going on he really didn't think about the time or the school that the bus driver said he would be taking her too. But once he got in the house and called me with the times and the school We realized there was a big mix up! We had already went to open house and met with Lily's teacher and knew what school she was going to. We still called the school board and transportations and finally after a day we got a return call that there was a mix-up and the school that Lily was scheduled to go to was over filled. WTF! She has a cubby already with her name on it at the school next to are house and they are going to bus her 2 hours plus away! On saturday we got a call that they had made a mistake and Lily would be going to the school close to home. The whole ordeal made me so nervous. Its bad enough that Lily is going to a new school but to not know if the right bus would show up was making me uncertain. Sure enough on monday morning at 6:09 I heard a bus show up! I didn't go out there and he left. Lily's bus that we were told would be here at 8:09 never came! At 8:45 am we took her to school. And thank goodness the teachers were excited to see her. But mommy was scared that the bus would not be bringing her home! The bus did bring her home but was a hour late bringing her home! We were a wreck waiting for her! We were both on the phone calling anyone who would listen and answer.

Thank goodness the second day went better. The bus picked her up on time. and dropped her off on time. Everything seemed great until this;

Lily gets off the bus with strange marks on her arm. A bunch of red polka dots. She came into the house and told me her arm hurts. When I looked and seen the marks, I asked her how that happened. She did not hesitate with her answer......."The bus"......I said, "The bus", she said, "yes ouwwweeeee". That was the extent of her answer to me. I tried to get more out of her but she is just not verbal enough to explain what might of hurt her on the bus. It has been 3 hours since she has been home from school and the marks are still there as bright as when she first showed me. I can't wait to ask the bus driver how she could get marks like this on her arm.

Why can't things just be easier. I wonder if she could communicate with me it would be easier.