The Big Day! But not hers!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Big Wedding Day!
April 15th 2012

We knew this day was coming for months.  Lily was asked to be her half-sisters flower girl.  I had doubts she could do it. But her Dad and sister Jenny, had all the confidence in her!  I started to practice with her about a month before the big day.  I showed her pics and videos of brides and flower girls.  I had her practice tossing flowers out of a basket.  There was still no way to practice doing it under the pressure of everyone looking at her.  Lily will usually shut down under too much stimulation.  Her sister had a back up plan if Lily froze.  All I could think of is Lily is going to ruin her special day.  We ordered her dress about 4 months before the wedding and took it to be altered which the dress alone made her feel like a princess............little did we know what she was really thinking.

The night before the wedding there was a rehearsal dinner where Lily got to know all the girls of the wedding party, which had become known to Lily as,  "My girls".  She bonded right away with them all.  She really felt that she was the center of the attention.  Maybe this should of tipped us off for what was to happen.

The morning of the big day!  Lily was delivered to the brides room were she was to get her hair done by a stylist.  Her "girls", were in the room too.  

She returned to our room to get her dress on and wait.  I was still on the fence if she would freeze at the moment she was suppose to walk down the isle.

Got to the reception hall to check it out and I thought I would grab another oppurtunity to get a practice in.

At this point her excitement was growing.  For everyone!

Her moment of being on was about to begin!  She did absolutely wonderful.  She did exactly what she was suppose to do.  Plus she added a Lily touch to it.  She was such the performer!  I was in awe of her again for her confidence and understanding of her role.

She started down the isle literally throwing the petals to the left and right.  not gently tossing like we practiced and not a couple of petals at a time like we practiced.  But handfuls being thrown at the crowd who was watching her.  than she got to the front of the isle and swung the basket over her head and emptied out the petals.  It was quite dramatic!  And she got rewarded of her actions by laughter from the crowd!
the large pile of petals for the bride
The only thing that Lily didn't do that I tried to get her to do was to come sit down next to me after her walk.  Instead she stayed near her "girls," this is when I started to think maybe she was thinking this day was about her and not her sister.

The next step after the wedding was taking the professional pictures.  She started getting a little overwhelmed at this point.  I could see the meltdown about to happen.

Lily started to cry and I asked her what was wrong and right away her dad said she has to go to the bathroom.  Her Daddy always knows her best.  She was hesitant to leave were the action was.  And the walk was quite far.  When I got her to the Restroom she locked me out of the stall quickly, which is her usual behavior.  But, I really needed to be in there with her to help her with all the layers of her dress.  She started crying and yelling at her dress. Thankfully, I was able to talk her into letting me in to help her. But, it was too late. She had already pp'd her panties.  I told her not to worry we will just go without the panties.  That calmed her down.  Her dress was so big and frilly that no one would ever know she was commando.  

We than went into the reception hall were we waited for our introduction.  When they introduced the Brides Father and wife Savina, and daughter Lily, Lily heard her name and ran into the room with arms up!   And this is were it got sad for me.  I started to really think that Lily was thinking it was her day.  Could it possibly be she felt it was her wedding day?  And within moments of her running out the door on cue, I knew her heart was crushed.  The father of the bride dance was right after introductions and Lily watched her dad dance with the bride and she cried and wiggled in discomfort.  She did very good not to have a full meltdown but she cried tears.  I couldn't help but wonder if Lily would ever have this kind of special day herself.   

After she had her dad back at the table there was still moments she was in tears.  She had so much fun on the dance floor.  She must of danced every dance.  Even when there was no one to dance with she was dancing alone!  It was so great to watch her.  

her daddy helping her wipe away her tears

As good as the day was it was also sad thinking that she thought it was her wedding day.  I kept wondering if she could express herself with words what would she say.  All I can go on is her expressions and reactions to situations.

My most favorite picture of the day is the pic of Lily dancing with the Bride, her sister Jenny.  And I see the future bride Lily will be one day.