Lily The Middle Schooler!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lily was so excited.  A month before the ceremony the principal had called to prepare me on what the ceremony would consist of and how I could help to prepare Lily.  She did not mention how I could prepare myself on how to come to terms with Lily being promoted to Middle School.  June 8th was approaching us quickly and I was not mentally ready! After all she is just a little girl.    I knew from experience with the wedding that Lily would have no problem being the center of attention and walking across the stage.

Lily had her dress picked out and kept saying "school school", she new it was for her day!  I loved seeing the excitement in her.   Her excitement in things will be one thing that will never get old.  The morning of the graduation she got dressed in her pretty new dress and she let me curl her hair (which all fell from spirals to waves in the humidity).  While I curled her hair she kept saying over and over her instructions on what to do during the ceremony, "sit still, get up when the say Ms Ramos, my name shake hand, walk, shake hand, walk, hug Ms Ramos"  WOW!  they must of practiced a lot for her to remember exactly what to do!

Lily's class walked into the gym and sat in the back row.  She looked up to the bleachers and spotted us right away.  The look of pride in her face was a look I will never forget.  She grabbed all her friends and pointed to us.  Within seconds the class(4 children) was all looking and waving at us!  Thru out the ceremony Lily would turn and look at us sometimes throwing us the I love you hand sign and sometimes just waving.  I was nervous for her big moment of her walking across the stage.

chatting with her friend during the ceremony

Lily's name was called, and yes I have it all recorded!   She galloped up on stage!  The cheers that followed her name motivated her to be more confident and humorous!

she was so proud!

After the ceremony we went into a reception hall for refreshments and greetings!

Lily and her teacher Ms Ramos

This is Brooklyn her mom said that her daughter adores Lily and sticks with her whenever she can!  

The reception was lovely and I got to meet some parent's that I haven't met yet.  One mother seaked me out to tell me her daughter adores Lily and hangs out with her as much as she can.  The mom must of read my mind because she said,
 "don't worry she will be there next year for her too!"
I do worry about this a lot.  I imagine Lily helplessly walking around alone.  kids pointing to her and laughing. But I have come to find out that it is the opposite of my worst fear.  Lily is quite popular.

The big Promotion to Middle School, it was going to happen wether I had accepted it or not.  I kept asking myself why I could not come to terms with her being promoted.  And all I could come up with is she seems like she is still in kindergarden.  She doesn't read, she doesn't talk clearly, she still has accidents, she can't consistently do subtraction or addition, etc....  And in my head Middle School is were there is more pressure to be cool.   Its were bulling really starts on a whole new level.  and peer pressure will make the nicest sweetest children feel they need to go with the flow and pick on the weaker kids to make themselves seem bigger and more important.   Truthfully, I think I am just projecting my own fear and personal experience of Middle School.  It was the most traumatic for me.  Its were I felt the worst pressure to fit in.   How can Lily deal with all this when she can't even come home and tell me how her day was.  How will I know if she is getting her feelings hurt.   All excuses to keep me from excepting my baby girl is not really a baby she is a MIDDLE SCHOOLER!!