Entering Middle School with a baby backpack

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lily will start Middle School on the 20th.  Not a day I have been looking forward to since she was born.  Yes, that long!  Middle school always marks the start of more teasing, peer pressure, and an age that you try to prove you are older than you really are.  And maybe part of me thinks now she will be old enough to know if she is being teased.  Today, my son took her "back to school" shopping.  I told him to let Lily pick out her backpack.  Didn't even think to tell him to make sure it was age appropriate.  Lily came running into the house all excited to show me her new backpack.  She said,  "close your eyes mommy,"  "no peeking" and than surprised me with a backpack that is for a girl in kindergarden.  She didn't see my smile right away and she kept hugging her new backpack saying,  "pretty", mommy its pretty"  I reassured her NOW worried look, with a big grin to match her once happy face and said, "yes lily, very pretty" with those words she lit up!

I can't decide if I should let her take the back pack and hope she will start a new fad with the older girls.  Or should I break her heart now and save her from her heart being broke by teasing, and make her pick out a new older style one.  I always want Lily to make her own decisions, after all the girl can make a decision, better than I can.   

Lily's First "REAL" Hair Cut at age 11

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lily's first haircut at age 11!  Sure she has had some trims, that we have done ourselves.  She has even had trims that were inspired by her taking the scissors to her own hair at the scalp.  She went around once with 1/2 bangs.  Yes, she looked funny!  It always seemed to happen at school too.  She would sneak away with the teachers scissors and cut the front of her hair at the scalp!  She got over giving herself a trim when she was 8 and since than her beautiful red hair has flowed freely and long.  Her bangs grew and her hair became all one length which at age 11 is to her bottom.  Her hair has always seemed to be what defined her beauty.  Everyone always said what beautiful hair she has.  Even strangers would come up to us and touch her hair and tell us how beautiful her hair is.  Maybe, that is why I could never imagine cutting it off.   She loved to wear it down with colorful headbands.  She loved to go into the pool and let her hair float to the surface and sway her head back and forth.  She loved to feel it on her naked back.

Lately, Lily has been talking of cutting her hair.  Wasn't sure if she wanted her hair cut because her sister, Hanna, had her hair cut short.  Or if she really wanted it.  I kept thinking, she doesn't  understand what it would mean to have short hair.  Which is ridiculous to think lily does not know what she wants or what the consequences would mean.  Lily is always sure what she wants.  Whether it is food, toys or clothes.  Lily knows!  Looking back, I know it was me not wanting her to change.  What if all her self confidence is cut away with her hair.  What if the only thing that people compliment her on is gone.  WHAT IF!  After much begging on Lily's and her sisters, part I took her to get her hair cut!  I was shaking so bad.  Lily was just giddy with excitement.  She climbed right into the chair and gestured to the stylist to cut!

She looked so pretty when the stylist was done.  And than I asked the stylist to please giver her bangs.

I had never seen Lily more happier or confident!  In fact, she became one sassy chick! 

We went to Publix afterwards.  She was showing everyone her new haircut!  The sweetest part was donating 13" to Locks of Love.  What a great gift my daughter's beautiful hair is.  Kind of takes some of my sadness away.

What I keep seeing is an all new Lily.  She lost all her little girl look and now looks more mature.  She is definitely ready for Middle School!  Lily always knows best!