Entering Middle School with a baby backpack

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lily will start Middle School on the 20th.  Not a day I have been looking forward to since she was born.  Yes, that long!  Middle school always marks the start of more teasing, peer pressure, and an age that you try to prove you are older than you really are.  And maybe part of me thinks now she will be old enough to know if she is being teased.  Today, my son took her "back to school" shopping.  I told him to let Lily pick out her backpack.  Didn't even think to tell him to make sure it was age appropriate.  Lily came running into the house all excited to show me her new backpack.  She said,  "close your eyes mommy,"  "no peeking" and than surprised me with a backpack that is for a girl in kindergarden.  She didn't see my smile right away and she kept hugging her new backpack saying,  "pretty", mommy its pretty"  I reassured her NOW worried look, with a big grin to match her once happy face and said, "yes lily, very pretty" with those words she lit up!

I can't decide if I should let her take the back pack and hope she will start a new fad with the older girls.  Or should I break her heart now and save her from her heart being broke by teasing, and make her pick out a new older style one.  I always want Lily to make her own decisions, after all the girl can make a decision, better than I can.   


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