My little Hero

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lily has had a tooth that we knew from the beginning would need to be extracted.  I guess it is a common dental problem with our DS children.  They have too many teeth and not enough room.  

For weeks, no months, I worried about Lily getting her tooth pulled.  I knew this day was going to happen since she was 6.  And like so many other things our children go thru, we wonder how to explain what is going to happen, if they will understand and how they will react.  And like most things I worry about with her, this was the most "NO BIG DEAL" to her!  After the fact, I am always left in Awwww of her.  She is my little Hero!

The big day arrived.  I had prepped her the past 24 hours, that she would be going to the dentist and they would let her go to sleep so she could dream of the tooth fariry!  I tried to make it sound very fun!  Luckily, Lily loves the Dentist.  She was so excited.  I wish I could of felt the same excitement.  I kept thinking of all the mistakes that could happen in putting her to sleep for the extraction.  Right down to the silly fear that her neck could snap.  OK, I know that is far fetched.  But things happen!  Lily woke up just fine with her tooth in her hand and thoughts of the tooth fairy swirling in her head!  As soon as she walked in the door she ran to my room and wanted the tooth fairy pillow down.  After placing her tooth in their, she ran it to her room and watched it for the rest of the day.  I have never seen her stay in bed all day and just wait!  But that is exactly what she did.  I went in there every so often to go check on her and she would pull her curtain open to show me it was still light out.  It's so wonderful how she speaks so little words, but her actions are so grand that I can  understand her.  And true to her actions when the sun fell she went to sleep!  

I wish I could have placed a camera in her room to watch her wake and check her tooth fairy pillow.  Luckily, her excitement was still strong when she woke me up to show me what the fairy had left her.  She wanted to take it to school to show the other kids.  We let her take 1 of the 5 dollars the fairy had left her.  I wondered how she would show off her dollar and if she would show her gapping hole in her mouth and point to the money.  I wondered if they would think she was just as cute as I thought she was or would they tease her because she is still believing in the tooth fairy.  

And like always I feel lucky that she can find the wonder and excitement in the worst of situations.