Lily Loves the Dentist

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today was Lily's 6mo. dental check-up.  Her dad usually takes her but today Mommy had to step-up to the plate!   She loves going to the Dentist but I thought since daddy wasn't there and it was mommy she might not be as good.  It didn't make a difference though.

I prepped Lily for two days talking about going to see the Dentist.  And Last night she picked out her clothes and showed me between her talking and her hand gestures just what she was going to do in the morning.  I love how she plays out her day like that.  What a wonderful skill she has to organize herself.  Here is how she imagined her day:  wake up, go potty, get dressed, have mommy make her egg, brush teeth, brush hair, and walk out the door.  She was excited as she would go been waiting for christmas morning to come.

She woke up at 6am.  and by 6:05 she was dressed and in the kitchen for her egg.  The problem was her appt. was at 8:45.  This was going to be a long morning!  She helped me make her breakfast.  After all her steps were done she wanted to leave.  I had to explain to her about time.

They greeted her and called her back.  she was so excited!  She told me to stay there.  meaning she was fine without me.  When they called me back she was so excited they told me she picked out a cinderella toothbrush, which surprised me!  She usually doesn't like anything with the princess' on it.  They also told me that she told them she doesn't like to brush her teeth.  Which was new to me!  No cavities, but Lily will have to have her canine teeth removed to make room for her grown up molars that are trying to come down but there is no room for them.  I guess that is common with DS children.  The Dentist said there is plenty of room on the bottom.  Lily had her little bag of goodies in her hand and she was so excited about it.  The bag of goodies are usually carried around for 2 weeks.  Lily was oblivious to the fact that mom was setting up her next appt for her to be put to sleep and her teeth yanked out.  I asked if they could just do it without knocking her out.  The said the Dr would not even consider that.  I was so upset.  But looked over at Lily all smiles!


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