Lily's an Auntie

Friday, November 30, 2012

They were inseparable at the end of her pregnancy.  Lily loved to rub her sisters belly and talk to Molly

The day that Lily was so excited for, the day she was to become an Auntie had finaly arrived!  November 12, 2012, her little niece came into the world.  For months Lily would rub her sisters belly and say baby Molly.  She made daily drawings of the new family to be. And named everyone that would be in the household when the baby was born.  Her excitement was never ending toward the new baby to be, Molly.   

I always had the fear in the back of my head that Lily might love the baby too much.  And by loving her too much I mean that she might try and hold the baby without permission.   Or she might regress once the baby got here.  And how would she be able to handle a screaming baby when she is so noise sensitive.  But so far non of my fears has happened.  She went to school and announced baby Molly is here!  She is so in love with the new addition to our family like we all are.

And as sweet as her love is for the baby and her sister, it makes me sad to think she will never experience her own child growing in her belly or the bond a mother feels with her child.  Lily will forever just be an Auntie.


Alina Christy said...

and she will be the best aunt ever!!

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