Lily's First Flight

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 Since my brother was diagnosed with ALS, I have made a promise to myself that I would try and visit my Virginia family often.  I was apprehensive about taking Lily on a trip because sometimes simple trips to the store become a nightmare with her.   Most of the Virginia  family hasn't seen Lily since she was a baby.  This would be a special treat for everyone!    And All I could do is Pray to the Goddess that I would be able to handle a meltdown in the middle of the Airport if this was to occur!  

Lily was so excited!  She had her bags packed weeks before we even left.  And every night she would ask the same thing, "Tomorrow we go on the plane".  And every night I would say not tomorrow!  Than the morning finally came to go to the airport!  She was up and ready in no time!

At the Airport ready to go!
My biggest fear of a meltdown at the Airport never occurred.  In fact, Lily was the best traveler I have traveled with!  I was nervous but she walked onto the plane with no worries whatsoever!  I did need to have a stewardess help her onto the plane.  Since her vision is so bad she couldn't tell if there was a step onto the plane or a crack straight down.  But, that was the only difficulties we had.  If you can even call that a difficulty!  She sat in her seat and buckled right up!  She acted like she had been a frequent flyer!

Lily and I on the plane excited to go!

Aunt Karen greats us at the airport

Ash gave Lily her Pink EMT shirt and Lily was so excited to be her cousins twin!
We made ornaments to remember this time together
Zach loved to hug her!  But Ash became her number one squeeze!
I am so happy Lily had some time with her cousin.  These memories will always make me cry.

Aunt Karen and Lily

We took a late night stroll to see the lights around the neighborhood
Enjoying some quiet time with Uncle Aaron.  He puts a spell on all the girls!
It was freezing up there but we were outside enjoying the crisp air!  I wish these family times would last forever!  this is when you realize how important family is when you see cousins bond with each other.

We went to the local antique store.  Lily found this awesome hat!

we went to the festival of lights and at the end of the light show there was a carnival!  Lily kicked some butt in the games and won the...........................
Yep the giant spongebob!  Uncle Aaron laughed about how mommy would have to get a suitcase just to take him home!

The sad time came!  Back to the airport to go home!
Since are last trip I have been excited to take another trip with Lily!  She was such a good traveler and helped me a lot thru my nervousness.  My worst fear of her having a fit never happened!  And the only fits she has now is saying she wants to go back and see ashy!