Gym Clothes

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I was reminded this week that Lily is in Middle School!  She is not a baby anymore.  This was shocking and devastating news to me, since I see her as a 2nd grader still.  Okay, I am ashamed to say I see her as my baby!  The starting of her 6th grade school year Lily had sent home a notice saying they would be participating with the Middle schoolers in Gym.  And dressing out would be optional.  I know most mothers are all for inclusion. And I am probably incorrect in my thinking, but I truly believe in seclusion.  Mainly becuase I have seen how horrible children get teased by the so called "regular" kids.  And sure every year Lily gets a buddy who protects and plays with her when they join the "regular" kids class.  I know how strong peer pressure is.  5 months went by and all was good at P.E.  And than I get a letter saying Lily is the only one in the class that isn't changing out her clothes for P.E.  I let a week or two pass.  I just cant fathom  her changing her clothes with the big kids.  And yes she is a big kid too.  But to me she is my baby!  I don't want to cheat lily out of feeling like the other kids so I called the teacher to hopefully get a piece of mind about her changing.  Teacher said, she is with them when they change.  And since her P.E is the last class of the day she would go home with the P.E clothes on.  She reassured me that Lily will not be alone in the changing room.  So how could I say no to this logic.  It would be totaly unfair of me and selfish to keep Lily as my baby!  The next day the teacher helped Lily buy her clothes.  When Lily came home she was soooo excited about the gym clothes!  I was so proud of her that I got choked up.  My baby girl is in Middle school!  Dressing out for P.E!  

look at how happy she is!