Transitioning into a Young Lady

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This is the stage in Lily's life that I never wanted to get too,  Puberty!  Her body is changing and so are her moods.  She has become boy crazy overnight!  She is constantly wearing a brides veil and telling me she is getting married to a little boy in her classroom.  I catch her playing with her stuffed animals like they are her boyfriend.  I cant find the right words to tell her about the way she is changing.  I don't want her to feel shameful or embarrassed about her changes. And truthfully, I don't know how much she can really understand.  She has showed off her body changes so proudly, and to everyone!   I know the start of her menstraul cycle is just around her next mood swing.  I always hoped this day would come after she has stopped wearing diapers to bed.  But she is not ready to stop wearing the diaper.   I got her a book about her changing body.  We started reading it together.  But there are things that can't be explained in a book.   How do I explain to her about her sexual urges in a way she can understand?

It seems like I just got use to one stage in her life, only to be pushed into the next.  She might be ready but I am not!