Been A While! Lily Is Now A Young Lady!

Monday, February 9, 2015

So much has changed since my last blog in May of 2013!  Lets start with some pics to see the difference:

 May 2013

On our way to Virginia Oct 2013
Mommy and Lily Richmond, VA. Oct 2013

We went to Richmond VA in OCTOBER of 2013 to do the ALS walk in honor of my Brother,  Lily's Uncle Vince, who was fighting ALS.
Lily with her Aunt Karen Oct 2013


Lily with her Uncle Vince.  This will be the last time we got to see him before he passed from ALS
Christmas 2013

Lilys Class Christmas 2013
Lily's class singing Christmas Carols at Celebration 2013
Lily at the Lab 2014
Lily with her dad 2014.  She looks so mature!

Lily getting her braces!  April 2014
Easter 2014

There was so much change going on.  Physical and Emotional.  In the middle of 2013 Lily started to Face Time with her friend from class.  It was wonderful!  They were on the phone from the time they got home till they went to bed.  They would play with the dollhouse and laugh and talk in there special language that only the two of them understood.  But we knew they understood each other cuz they would laugh so hard!  I thought it was wonderful.  Just like her having a friend over.  And than Lily started "caccooning", that's what I call what she was doing.  She stopped talking on the phone.  She was making stacks of books, papers, catalogs, boxes of pens, markers and pencils, all on the side of her bed.  She hardly had room left on the bed for her.  She also stacks one blanket on top of the other on her bed.  she has about 6 on there.  and she has a special order for them.  She doesn't sleep inside the sheets anymore.  It is always on top of the layers of blankets!  She would rearrange her things so the things of importance were near her head.  She would constantly lock her door and didn't want to leave her room.  She stopped wanting to go to school.  And yes, she had started her period!  

The changes were all heartbreaking to me.  I didn't know if she was suffering from depression.  Which is a great possibility, according to family history.  I didn't know if I should get her professional help.  Or just wait it out.  I knew if i took her to a professional they wouldn't be able to ask her questions because she can't really understand those kind of questions.  So they would automatically treat her for depression.  I really didn't want to go down the medication road.  

In the mean time she would find all kinds of excuses to stay home.  She would start with one body part and say it hurt and go on from there.  As funny as it was, it was also heartbreaking.  All I could imagine is someone is picking on her.  Her teachers and Aides kept telling me that wasn't the case.  So, it must be she just hates to leave the comfort of her bedroom.  Where she feels safe and were all her beloved things are neatly placed in places she knows. 

My last big issue with Lily is her attachment to nighttime diapers.  She still wets during the night even if I make her go before bed and no drinks after 7.  We have tried taking them away, "Cold Turkey" style.  But, she wants that Depends on and she will cry and cry!  I know it is she fears she will wet her pile of blankets on top of her bed!  She is about to turn 14 and I don't see her breaking away from it.  I really thought she would not want to wear them anymore by now.  and on her own doing!   There are nights she wakes up dry.  So, I am not concerned there is a medical problem.  Just an emotional one to her Depends.