When my Sweet Pea turns into a Snap-Dragon!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The last three topics I had listed was:  isolation, extreme emotions, and violent outbursts.  These are pretty much all related.  Her extreme emotions turn into violent outbursts.  

Isolation:  Lily loves to be alone.  She always has.  I have always thought it was because she gets to over stimulated.  She will sit on her bed or at her desk and draw, color or write for hours.  She sets everything up how she likes to use it.  She has pens of all styles and colors.  She has her stacks of coloring books and pads of paper.  She knows where everything is at all times.  And she knows if it is touched!  I love that about her!  I also have the same quality.  The thing that often concerns me is she will talk and talk (not really understandable) to someone in her room.  She acts like they answer her and she will answer them back.  Full on conversations.  I will ask Lily to goto the store and she always says no.  I usually have to bribe her to leave the house.  To get lily to goto school is a fight most days.  We will have her pick out her clothes and line up each outfit for the week so she can see how many days she has.  And she will sometimes hide the clothes.  When she gets home from school she is always happy.  And tells me she had a good day.  Its just getting her out the door.  I wonder how her future will be.  Will this behavior continue?

Extreme Emotions and Violent Outbursts:  WOW!  When this happens it happens!  And usually out of the blue and it leaves her full of "I'm sorry's"  she gets very remorseful and almost were she wonders where did that come from!  She will come out of her room and look at me and turn around and run back to her room, in a storming off kinda way, and slam her door.  I will go to her room to see what is wrong and she has no words for me.  I can't figure out if she even knows whats wrong or if it is just she can't put it into words.  She won't let me touch her or hug her.  So, off I go.  Only for her to come back out a minute or two later and start crying for me to see and the minute I say, "Lily what is wrong"  she storms back to her room slamming the door.  This just continues over and over.  Than she just stops.  It really breaks my heart.  There are times I will go in her room and she will be sitting at her desk and I ask her to do something and she will turn and start kicking me.  Lily is a hefty girl so her legs coming at me hurts me bad.  and she will always snap right out of it and become very remorseful.   There are times when Lily will stand in front of me and just start crying big tears.  Like someone just stole her favorite pen.   If Lily could talk I think her mood swings wouldn't be so bad.


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